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BUM 87 km

SOK Knallen invites runners to Borås Ultra Marathon 87 km

Saturday 28th May 2016

An 87 km ultra marathon in the terrain between Göteborg and Borås

(Vildmarksleden och Knalleleden)

Start: 08:00 at Skatås exercise facilities in Göteborg.

Finish: in Borås.

The course: A lovely mountain course with gravel roads, trails, some asphalt, roots, rocks, descents, mud, water, meadows, forests, farms and some houses.

Orientation: Throughout the course there are orange painted marks that will be improved during the spring. The responsibility for finding the right way, however, is on each and every contestant. Therefore, it is mandatory to bring your own copies of maps on the course.

Support: Each contestant is basically self-sufficient, but BUM will have five food and drink stations along the course:

  • Station 1, Härkeshult, ca 17 km: Water, cola, sandwiches, sweets and chips.
  • Station 2, Härskogen, ca 29 km: Water, cola, sandwiches, sweets and chips.
  • Station 3, Hindås, ca 42 km: Water, cola, coffee, sandwiches, soup, eggs, pickles, sweets and chips.
  • Station 4, Aborrsjön ca 57 km: Water, cola, sandwiches, pickles, fruit, candy and chips.
  • Station 5, Nortorp, ca 72 km: Water, cola, energy drink, hot dog, pretzels, candy and chips.


Drop bags: At the start, the contestant can submit a 10-liter bag/pouch that will be transported to Station 3 in Hindås. It is also possible to submit a bag of stuff that will be available at the Finish.

Equipment: Each contestant must bring a map of the course, a mobile phone with the number to the race director, first aid kit, and enough liquid and energy to cover the needs between stations.

Bib number: Each contestant must wear their bib number visible on the front of the body.

Slow runners: For slow runners the race is over if the contestant fails to reach Station 3, Hindås, before 14:30 or Station 5, Nordtorp, before 20:30.

Safety: All contestants are required to help other runners in distress. There are also club member runners from SOK Knallen that will stay in the back. At the Finish, there will also be medically trained personnel.

Littering: Needless to say, you bring your junk to the stations and throw it there.

Finish: At the finish area there are showers, sauna, whirlpool and food. (All included in the registration fee.)

Dropping out: If you have to drop out, you are responsible for your transportation back to civilisation. However, if possible, BUM personnel will help you. It is also important that you notify the Race Director immediately.

Transport to the start: Will be arranged from Borås and leaves at 06:30. If you want to come along, please indicate it at the registration. Cost: 120 SEK.

Registration fee: 800 SEK. When registering, you will receive an email with payment details.

Maximum number of participants: To be able to provide a good service to all participants, there is an upper limit of 300 participants, as a total for both BUM 87 km and BUM 45 km.

Registration starts November 28 at 09:00:

This is included in the registration fee:

  • Drink and food at the five stations.
  • Dinner, drink, sweets and chips at the Finish.
  • Nurse at the Finish.
  • Rescue team.
  • Sauna and whirlpool at the Finish.
  • Medal for finishers.
  • Prices to the top-3 in each class, but also random prices to the participants.
  • A fantastic experience in a tough but lovely environment.


Race Director: Peter Karlsson